I have been helped greatly when others have shared their nuggets of wisdom and especially the resources that have helped them on their journey to success. This has come through books, podcasts, and other resources, and this page is dedicated to that. I would also love to hear what has helped you to learn and develop as an investor. Please send me an email so I can continue to update this list.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki – This is the book that got most people starting to think about real estate and passive cashflow. If you haven’t read it, get it now!

Cash Flow Quadrant

Robert T. Kiyosaki

This book is another great book that discusses why being a business owner and investor is far better than being a highly paid professional employee or self-employed.

The E-myth

Michael Gerber

This book stresses the importance if you own a business to work on your business to make it better, rather than working in your business as an employee. It’s a real paradigm shift.

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

Michael Blank

Great book about buying my favorite asset class of multifamily apartments. A very practical how to guide for the beginner and experienced alike.

The Perfect Investment

Paul Moore

I think this is the best book for new investors to become familiar
with investing in multifamily apartments as a passive investor.

Kolbe A Index

This test helps to show strengths and weaknesses.
I know some employers who use this test before hiring any new employee.

10x Talk

10x podcast

by Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

These two believe it is easier to grow your business 10 times larger than twice as big. A must listen for any entrepreneur.

Mr Rebates

This site gives you 3-15% cash back on common purchases you make every day issued as a check at the end of each month. They get paid for having you click their link to a retailer and they split the spoils with you.