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Cashflow Mentor and is for busy professionals who are looking to expand their net worth and grow their cash flow outside of Wall Street. This is the place to find syndicated real estate deals and other investment deals that have been personally vetted by me.  I work to find the best deals, with reliable and experienced operators, and invest my own money alongside you in these deals.

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I started Cashflow Mentor to educate professionals, business owners, and retirees how to create passive income, replace their income in able to do the things they want to do.  Because of the growth of individuals passive income, some will stop working and others will continue to work on their own terms. The Cashflow investment club is dedicated to help you achieve your financial goals.

There are others promoting investment deals with low returns, but I look for deals with solid returns that I am investing in myself with experienced syndicators.  Some of the criteria I look for is solid conservatively projected returns (projections are often not conservative, so I do my own underwriting)and an experienced syndicator who is clear and honest about their expectations and previous mistakes.

Because I am investing in these deals, it allows me to increase my experience as a general partner and do it the right way. I’ve always believed that aligned interests between a manager and investors is a key to success.  This typically does not exist on Wall Street where money managers are paid a fee regardless of performance and typically have no skin in the game.

I take my reputation as a leader in your financial journey very seriously and I want to build this club over time, the right way, and I welcome feedback in helping to improve.

Some investments (syndications) that I am involved with require you to be an accredited investor.

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By completing this form, you agree to keep deals confidential and not to circumvent.  Also, do your own analysis and make sure you feel comfortable with any investment decision.

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