Beyond Cashflow

Start with Why.  It is common in our culture for someone to start with a lofty goal, achieve it, and then be left with a feeling of emptiness that what they wanted didn’t really satisfy them as they would’ve hoped.  For this reason, I believe that more than cash flow (or any other goal for that matter), our purpose is the most important thing in our lives. Without it, we are wasting away and it’s my belief that a life without a purpose is completely empty.  I have been so inspired about my purpose from many sources and I wanted to share these with you to help you on your journey. Use whatever is helpful and don’t use whatever you feel is unhelpful to you. This section is about YOUR PURPOSE; Why you are here, and broader conversations about life and spirituality.  I would also love to hear what has helped you discover your purpose and gives meaning to your life.

Strengthsfinder (referral link to amazon book)– Helped me find the best role for me to function in the workplace
The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown (amazon link to book) – Or any book by Brene Brown.  Her concept of whole heartedness and other exercises in gratitude and empathy have really changed by life.
Purpose Driven life, Rick Warren – (Amazon link to book) – This book defines our purpose based on biblical principles and why we are here.  It’s so good I try to read it every year or so.
Changes that Heal, Henry Cloud – (Amazon Link to book) – Dr Cloud is a wealth of knowledge about healing old wounds that linger and becoming a whole person.  His writing has changed my life in many ways.
The Human Magnet Syndrome, Ross Rosenberg (Amazon link to book ) – for those that deal with codependence, this book and Ross’s youtube videos, and live conference have been game changers for me. – This organization is about raising money to advocate against human trafficking.  Individuals wears ties or dresses and post on social media to raise money and to date they have raised over $7M.